1. Avoid water damage from your Air conditioner

    Avoid water damage from your Air conditioner A/C condensation lines can back up and cause big problems. We aren’t in the air conditioning business so you wouldn’t think we would have a lot to say about air conditioning condensation lines – but we do!  Robins Plumbing is called out frequently …Read More

  2. Bathroom Safety for Children

    Bathroom Safety for Children Tips for keeping your plumbing safe from your kids! There are lots of articles out there on how to keep your kids safe but what about keeping your plumbing safe from your children?  It happens to almost every parent, your child, that you love and adore flushes something…Read More

  3. Water Heater Warranty

    Water heater Warranty Is your heater covered under warranty?  No one looks forward to the day their water heater decides to start leaking.  It happens to all of us eventually but what you may not know can cost you.  If your heater is leaking from the tank it is NOT repairable.  Once the inside g…Read More

  4. financing plumbing in phoenix

    plumbing problems to big for your wallet

    Plumbing problems too big for your wallet? We understand. No one wants a broken sewer line or to have a leak under their slab. Plumbing repairs can come out of nowhere and we can feel completely unprepared. Many homeowners struggle at times to pay for large repairs. We are here to help. Large plumbi…Read More

  5. avoiding a flood in phoenix during vacation

    How To Avoid A Flood

    HOW TO AVOID A FLOOD DURING VACATION " School’s out for summer! " Did you sing that in your head the way I just did? HA HA HA.  Seriously though. Summer vacation is here for many families and that means vacations to cooler parts of the country. While clients are headed to beaches to enjoy the sur…Read More

  6. Drain Stoppage

    Stoppages Aren’t Normal

    Stoppages Aren’t Normal Do you have chronic stoppages? Drain stoppages, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  Just like a health professional will tell you that headaches, though common, are not a normal occurrence.  If you have stoppages on a frequent basis (more than once a year) it is …Read More

  7. don't use drain cleaners for plumbing in phoenix

    Chemical drain cleaners can wreak havoc.

    Chemical drain cleaners can wreak havoc. Most of us have seen the commercials.  Your bathtub is backed up and all that you have to do is pour this magical solution down the drain and it clears your stoppage for you.  Poof, like magic that clog is gone! The real life reality of it is that in almost…Read More

  8. what makes a great plumber?

    What makes a great plumber In my opinion it takes a TEAM There are a lot of plumbing companies to choose from in the Phoenix area.  Some are licensed, some are not.  Occasionally I am asked what makes a great plumber?  With all of the competition out there why should you choose Robins Plumbing o…Read More

  9. Plumbing tips in phoenix

    Coconut oil and plumbing

    Coconut oil and Plumbing What the health blogs don’t tell you Coconut oil is all the rave right now.  You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing an article luring you to check into the health benefits of coconut oil.   Coconut oil isn’t just for the kitchen anymore, we are seeing it us…Read More

  10. DIY Plumbing Fails The Bathtub Drain

    DIY Plumbing Fails We see a lot of DIY plumbing attempts and some of them are just too funny not to share.  Not all of us are meant to be plumbers, thank goodness, since the world also needs so many other amazing professions.  Plumbing isn’t as easy as it looks or as easy as the person in the pl…Read More